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a renovation of 19 century historic monument located in kumayri preservation area of gyumri, armenia.
the building consists of number of interconnected rooms surrounding a cozy enclosed garden. while the original facade has been restored, the garden facade was rethought newly.
red and black tuf stone mosaics refer to traditional regional pattern, used mainly in religious and cultural architecture.

the black tuf stone fountain has two references: it's reminding about the old black and white movie "heghnar aghbyur" (Heghnar fountain) which was shot in this courtyard, and it's shapes are interpreted from artur tarkhanyan's iron fountain built in gyumri.
tarkhanyan's fountain has inspired the shapes of interior lighting objects, the large chandelier and wall lamps resembe the fountain details.
the restaurant's interior is plain with no extra details and decoration, leaving the building the way it was restored after numerous layers of renovations were done on its historical appearance.
the bar area is different from main restaurant space, using predominantly yves klein blue shade and glass texture, it's shifting the atmosphere into something more sarcastic and approachable.
an unusual dragon-shaped sculptural gutter is restored from historic photographs found in books about gyumri.
every corner of interior is showcasing a discovery of a forgotten or previously hidden details of building, such as small arches, chimney holes, windows and etc.