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when detailed research on the area was conceived, it became obvious the larger impact this area can have and the potential that could be unleashed. situated between museum of matenadaran, polytechnic university, major streets, parks and many educational facilities, this district is not only currently isolated but it also does not allow the flows of public between these focal points. in this area is education and business where not connected at all, they didn’t have any collision areas. a huge potential of this interaction was lost. several international companies relocated parts of their offices here in order to gain this opportunity of connection with students and research facilities, but the lack of spatial solutions led to isolation of both. a certain formula in a manner of diagrammed masterplan was created, which could imply major transformations in this important area in city fabric. the importance of this was not only spatial, where major physical connections would happen, but also economical where main stakeholders would interact and create knowledge, information and larger impact in this field. if business could connect with research and education, this impact would be obvious in larger local and probably international scale.