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a temporary festival design in central park area of yerevan, was envisioned as a journey to a certain christmas destination. It has a linear structure, with central axis leading to the dominant christmas tree.
the entrance is marked with permeable semi-transparent scaffoldings structure, allowing the public to flow into the festival area via layered hierarchy.
there are 6 typologies of festival booths, from tiny 1m diameter cylinder to tall 4m capsule. this includes the horizontal booth, which turns into sitting area for visitors.
the red color is chosen to simplify and emphasize the festival reference, and to honor the most architectural, and especially constructivist color accepted in the profession.
another architectural reference is the dominant christmas tree, which is the replica of schukhov’s television tower, an ultimate christmas tree among all architectural and engineered shapes.
the original concept included a hot air balloon, for an option to perceive the festival from bird’s eye view, but also to reference another constructivist icon which was leonidov’s lenin institute of librarianship.